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Education – Higher Secondary – Vocational Education

Education – Higher Secondary – Vocational Education – Declaration of
probation to Vocational Instructors (Computer Science) – Delegation of
powers to the Chief Educational Officers –– Amendment to Adhoc Rules -
(School Education(VE) Department)
G.O.Ms.No. 50 Dated 4.3.2008
1. G.O.Ms.No.7, School Education, dated 4.1.2000.
2. From the Director of School Education,
Letter No.5046/V1/E1/2003 – 01, dated 19.9.2007.
The Director of School Education in his letter 2nd read above has
submitted proposals for delegation of powers to the Chief Educational
Officers, so as to enable them to pass orders on the satisfactory completion of
probation in the case of Vocational Instructors(Computer Science) in Higher
Secondary Schools.
2. The Government accept the proposal of the Director of School
Education to empower the Chief Educational Officers concerned to issue
orders declaring the satisfactory completion of probation in respect of
Vocational Instructors (Computer Science ) in Higher Secondary Schools, for
which Joint Director is the appointing authority.
3. Accordingly the following Notification will be published in the Tamil
Nadu Government Gazette:-
In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the
Constitution of India, the Governor of Tamil Nadu hereby makes the following
amendment to the rules published with the School Education Department
: 2 :
Notification No. SRO B – 91/2001, at page 148 of Part III - Section I (b) of
the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette, dated the 7th November 2001 :-
2. The amendment hereby made shall come into force with effect from 4th
March, 2008.
In the said Rules, rule 6 shall be re-numbered as sub-rule (1) of that
rule and after sub-rule (1) as so re-numbered, the following sub-rule shall be
added, namely:-
“(2) The Chief Educational Officer concerned shall be the authority
competent to issue orders declaring satisfactory completion of
(By Order of the Governor)
M. Kutralingam,
Secretary to Government.
The Director of School Education
Chennai – 6.
The Works Manager,
Government Central Press,
Mint Buildings, Chennai – 79.(for
publication in the TNEG) By S.M.
The Accountant General, Chennai – 18.
The Accountant General (CAO), Chennai – 9.
The Pay and Accounts Officer, (N), Chennai – 79.
The Pay and Accounts Officer, (S),Chennai – 35.
The Pay and Accounts Officer (E),Chennai – 5.
Copy to
P&AR (E) Department, Chennai – 9.
Law Department, Chennai – 9.
G.O.Ms.No.7, S.E, dt. 4.1.2000.
//Forwarded By Order//
Section Officer.
(Published in Tamil Nadu Government Gazettee Notification Extraordinary in
No.SRO B-14(a-2)/2008 dated 4.3.2008)