Sunday, May 10, 2009

Committee - Vocational Education

Committee - Vocational Education - Higher Secondary - High Level Committee on
Vocational Education - Report submitted - Recommendations accepted - Instructions issued.
School Education (VE) Department
G.O.(Ms).No.9 Dated 6.1.2009
G.O.Ms.No.8, School Education, dated 6.1.2009.
In the GO read above the report of the High Level Committee on Vocational
Education has been approved by the Government. Based on the recommendations
of the High Level Committee on Vocational Education the following orders/
instructions are issued:-
I) No new Vocational Courses should be started from the academic year 2007-
2008 and no new Vocational Instructor should be appointed either by the
school management or PTA. Henceforth a new Vocational Course can be
opened only with the permission of the Government.
II) School specific, unpopular courses would have to be wound up.
III) The Director of School Education should assess the utility of the courses in
which the students strength is found to be less than 15 and the courses
available in one school only and he may take a decision to close down such
unviable courses.
IV) Wherever the subject taught have the characteristics of general subjects and
do not impart Vocational skills, they may be converted as general groups.
V) The existing Vocational Courses should change into unifocal courses (more
emphasis on Vocational Education) over a period of 5 years giving more time
to Vocational subjects and for practicals. Practicals should be conducted
either in the industries or in the ITIs or in the approved community colleges.
Language syllabus should be reduced and converted into a soft skills
VI) The syllabus revision is to be undertaken for the most popular Vocational
VII) Some Vocational Courses like Office Secretariship may be made more
relevant by suitably altering the components of the course.
VIII) The practical training may be left to the industries themselves. There should
be an independent certification of the practical skills acquired by the students,
through the industries/agencies who impart the practical training.
2) The Director of School Education is requested to take follow up action on
the above orders/Instructions and send his action taken report to Government.

(By Order of the Governor)
M. Kutralingam,
Principal Secretary to Government.
The Director of School Education, Chennai – 6.
All HODs under School Education Department
All CEOs and DEOs.(through DSE)
L & E Department, Chennai -9.
Commissioner of Employment & Training,
Guindy, Chennai-32
Accountant General, Chennai 18/15
copy to
All Sections in School Education Department,
//forwarded by Order//
Section Officer.